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Ian Campbell is a filmmaker and new media artist whose work is deeply rooted in a desire to reveal the organic personal tension present in the technology of contemporary life. He has a varied practice that includes digital filmmaking, live improvised visuals, installation art, and kinetic sculpture. He’s a graduate of studio art programs at the University of Victoria (BFA 2002) and Concordia (MFA 2006). His work has been exhibited in galleries across Canada including the Winnipeg Art Gallery, The Parisian Laundry, The Mendel Art Gallery, CCA Glasgow and others. His films have screened at festivals like WNDX, Antimatter, Prairie Scene and others. He is currently working in the Film Department of  the University of Regina. Ian is originally from Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Please contact me about any of the following special skills or about my work and art.

Workshops: I like doing workshops in any of the following new media topics: electronics for artists, introduction to the arduino for artists, introduction to puredata for artists, live video improvisation, VJ techniques, circuit bending, art robotics, puppet animatronics, video editing, audio editing, open source tools for media arts and 3d printing.

Distribution: My short film The Floating World (2012) is distributed through the Winnipeg Film Group (catalog entry).
Other short films (some found on youtube and vimeo) are available directly through me. Please email for more information.

Video Work: I make experimental videos and can produce various handmade and digitally produced effects such as: stop motion, animatronics, video circuit bending and distortion effects, machinima, digital puppetry, analog puppetry, robotics, video collage and produce many VJ loops and HD stock footage and still photographs of various household and natural ephemera including rust, smoke, water, mud, snow and garbage.

New Media Work: I make installations involving video, audio, robotics, animatronics, kinetic sculpture, interactivity, etc. I build devices for other artists and make programming including; interactive audio toys, theatrical props, custom sensors, video switchers, 3d printed objects and promotional materials and websites.