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Hobo bot

Here are some pics of one of the robohobos for the in progress web series I am working on. This guy so far has a servo controlled eye and a light up mouth. He is supposed to have tentacles and be able to float, so I was thinking of positioning him on a lever that could be green screened out.
The white octagons that make up the eye mechanism are 3d printed, the rest of is made of cardboard.




Red river cart

For an upcoming Short film I needed to construct a small wagon miniature. Basically I cut the task into making the wagon wheels with the 3d printer and the rest of the body with basswood, cardboard and twigs. The symmetrical wheels are easy to make in 3d and would be much more challenging out of wood. Likewise the wagon body was just easier to make out of whatever was around. This prioritizing I think is important when making stuff, not everything needs to be 3d designed and printed out.