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Casio patch bays

Here are some 3d printed patchbays I made for my modded CASIO SK1 synths. Each plug is a banana jack (you can get 100 of these on ebay for like 12 bucks) and is connected to a pin on the memory chip bus of the main PCB. To understand how to wire one of these up look at the page at CasperElectronics. The point of the patch bay is to connect these together in a myriad of different ways to create unexpected sounds. Basically I think it makes interruptions in how the encoded instrument sample data is sent from rom chip to processor. Skip to the end of this post to hear a sample.


I made lots of design changes to this simple board and printed it out multiple times to get things nice. I still think the font I chose for the letters is a little unsuitable for this resolution of printer.

In order to mount the patch bay into the CASIO you have to remove the speaker grill. I used a dremel with a cut off blade and finished it up with a hacksaw blade.

To hear what it sounds like, listen to some noisy experiments… this is done with a Korg monotribe with the CASIO Sk1 plugged into the audio input.


Korgiepod is a  little caddy to not hold your Korg Monotron and an ipod touch. Then you need a 1/8″ to 1/8″ male cable to connect the output of the top one to the input of bottom one.
You can then use the built in filters to filter the audio in strange and low fi ways.

You can even hear this through the built in speaker. The caddy has a large hole in the back
suitable for building and inserting a 1/4″ jack to 1/8″ male cable for maximum sound system connectivity!

Happy jamming!