3d Printing Workshop Links

Here is an info page for people attending the 3d Printing workshop I’m giving at Neutral Ground Contemporary Arts Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan.

3d printing links

Makerbot makes some of the friendliest printers around. Makerbot no longer makes kits and now sells prebuilt printers that are ready to print out of the box (fingers crossed). I have one of the oldest Makerbot printers, the Replicator 1.

Thingiverse is the largest site for sharing 3d printed models. All of the models will be available in the .STL format common to all printer software. You can upload your own models to share with others.

A magazine style annual rating various brands. There are way too many brands of printers to keep track of and they change all the time.

A kit manufacturer, the only one I can really comment on because I bought one of these. This is how to get into 3d printing if you have lots of time and not so much money. This kit is based on the Prusa I3 design.

Rhino3d is the CAD software I personally use because I am familiar with it and it works great for 2d and 3d designs. It is a true CAD application for dimensional industrial design, rather than for animation or print designs.